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Behind the website – Swellseekers.ie – By Liam Sinnott

Founder – Liam Sinnott Surfer & Business Graduate 

I have been surfing in Tramore Co.Waterford since 1990 where I got my first lesson from the Hugh O’Brian School of surfing.

surfing Ireland

I have been lucky enough to travel to such places as Bali, Australia, Fiji and Hawaii Surfing, but in my mind nothing compares to surfing in Ireland. I don’t know what it is that keeps me here? I had a trade as a bricklayer and when the recession hit in 2008 I was left with no job, no way to earn money and standing in a cue for social welfare payments was not the way I wanted to spend my life. I thought about heading off into the big wide world once again, but then I realised what keeps me here in Ireland. Family and friends, something you miss dearly when you’re on the other side of the world.

I was traveling around Ireland with my friend Mark Quilty when I started to think how a surfing website might work in Ireland. Could I make a living from what I love to do? Some where between Tramore Co.Waterford and Enniscrone Co.Sligo Swellseekers.ie was born.

So off I went to College and put my head in the books trying to figure out what kind of a website I could come up with that would help fellow surfers out in today’s tough times. I thought about a water sports social network for Ireland, but sure people have Facebook and don’t need another site like that. I thought about an ecommerce website like Magicseaweed or Troggs but I was in college and didn’t have a spare 50 grand to get that going. So what could I do that would help people involved in water sports in Ireland ? Everybody nowadays needs to sell their old equipment to buy new stuff. It’s not like 5 years ago when you could walk into a bank or credit union for a loan for a wetsuit, and come out of there with a 300 grand mortgage, a new car and a suite of furniture for the house.

It was a challenging time to start a new business in Ireland. I needed something new and exciting. While travelling around the most popular surfing countries I noticed how the internet and online booking was so handy for a travelling surfer and when I was in college I did some market research and I found none of this great service was available in Ireland. Opportunity ???

Yes I thought to myself  and then I met James.

James surfing Aileen's Cliffs of Mohar

Co-Founder & Managing Director – James Hassey – Surfer, Life Saving & BSc in Applied Computing
James is an all round water man with 5 years lifeguarding to his name on Tramore beach. He is a member of Waterford Crystal Swimming club for 10 years and swam at national level.


James is currently a member of the Waterford Surf Lifesaving team and the Irish Surf Lifesaving team and has competed at the World Lifesaving Championships for Ireland in November 2012. Fit as a fiddle and loves to surf!

When I first approached James about the idea he thought I was a bit mad in the head and maybe I was. Here I was with nothing but an idea, no business experience to back up what I wanted to achieve. So I found a page on facebook a friend from WIT was just after starting, a surfboard page on facebook for selling second hand surfboards. Patrick Fingelton looked after the page and when he went off on holidays to the States for the summer he asked me to look after and promote the page while he was gone.

It took for ever trying to get members on the page but it was working on a small scale. Only 400 members but they were selling boards week in week out, so this proved the concept was working. In the 6 months the page was going there was over 60 surfboards sold on the page at an average of 250 a board. Opportunity?

So back I went to James and we sat down and made a plan. If this works for surfers it can work for all water sports!

So over a couple of months work and a few late nights James had our Swellseekers.ie water sports website ready to go live. In our first year we have developed a website where people can book surf lessons, kitesurfing lessons, kayaking, bike tours and accommodation online and on their mobile devices.book surfing lessons

Our vision now is to develop the Swellseekers.ie brand on a national level and provide a online booking service for watersports activity and adventure provides nationwide. We now also offer our online booking solution for all activity providers websites and we help your business with the switch to selling your activities and tours on your website.

Adventure seekers can book their favorite activities on a safe and secure website or on their mobile phone saving them money and valuable time. The trend of online booking is set to continue and Swellseekers.ie now provides a service with great value for both activity providers and our customers.

So if your booking your next water sports holiday, save money & time by booking on line with Swellseekers.ie

Whatever water sport you’re involved in, we all have the same connections. We all want to be outside in the fresh air, we all want to be near the ocean. We all love what our beautiful little island gives us every time we travel, we get grumpy when we can’t have more. We live for the next time we get in the water. In one way or another, we are all swell seekers……

Music By Ben Howard

If your an activity provider and would like to start selling your tours and activities on your own website or through Swellseekers.ie , email us at info@swellseekers.ie or for more information just send us a message here at  Help & Support

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Swellseekers.ie was founded by Liam Sinnott and James Hassey in Tramore Co. Waterford in 2011.

Water Sports Activity & Accommodation Providers
Swellseekers.ie now provides all the information you need to plan and book the perfect water sports holiday in Co. Waterford. The new and adventurous experiences of Surfing, Kite Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP), Kayaking, Canoeing and  Adventure are now available to book on line with Swellseekers.ie

First Ever On Line Booking For Water Sports in Ireland
For the first time ever in Ireland, Swellseekers.ie now provide on line booking service for Surfing and Kite Surfing Schools in Tramore Co. Waterford. We will be adding more Water Based Activity Providers around Ireland very soon. It’s so simple! Just book your activity provider though our booking engine, pay a 15% deposit and pay the rest when you arrive on the day for your chosen activity. No more searching websites for phone numbers, Email addresses and making costly phone calls for information. Swellseekers.ie has it all in one place and an easy to use on line booking service. Save Money & Time, Book your Activities On Line!

Accommodation Providers for Adventure seekers
Swellseekers.ie now has over  8,500  Accommodation providers  making us Ireland’s Number 1 Adventure booking website . We only provide Failte Ireland Approved Hotels, B&Bs, Hostels, Guest Houses and Self catering apartments guaranteeing a quality experience for your next water sports holiday or weekend break anywhere in Ireland. Swellseekers.ie has Accommodation in every County in Ireland and we are adding more accommodations to our service every week.

Sign Up
If you are an Activity or Accommodation provider and would like to join the Swellseekers.ie team, just Email us at register@swellseekers.ie for more information.

So search through our Activity & Accommodation providers and start booking your next water sports holiday from the comfort of your own home with Swellseekers.ie ! 

 Buy and Sell Water Sports Equipment
The Swellseekers.ie website allows people to buy & sell new and used water sports equipment,  on line by posting  classified advertisements. 

Lots of people find it hard to sell their used water sports equipment in order to buy new equipment for their personal hobby. New water sports enthusiasts find it hard to locate suitable water sports gear to start their new hobby.

So the Swellseekers.ie team have come up with a solution. Ireland’s dedicated  Buy & Sell Classified Ads Website for Water sports!


Additional Services we provide.

  1. Bargain Ads  3 euro - ” Everyone checks the Bargain Category”
  2. Featured listing package 3 euro – Bump up your and get your Advertisement to the top of the listing page

More Features !!!
We have added lots more categories to our website, so any one in the adventure & water sports industry can buy and sell different products on on our Classified Ads service.

Watersports Fashion – Sales and bargains from the top water sports shops and outlets
Photography – Source the industries best photography and waterproof P.O.V equipment to document your activities and outdoor pursuits
Motors – Find your perfect means of transport for your next road trip
Camping – The best camping equipment for those summer breaks away
Art & Photography – Find a piece of inspiration from Irelands top photographers and artists
Skate – Top products from Irelands top skate  shops

So if you are selling on Swellseekers.ie start uploading your products and start earning money today! If you are buying on Swellseekers.ie you can look forward to the best bargains on Adventure and Watersports equipment in Ireland and a whole lot more…. Register NOW!!!

If you like the Swellseekers.ie website hit the Facebook “LIKE” button at the top of the page and help us share this great service for people involved in Water Sports !

Email us at  info@swellseekers.ie for any requests or further information.