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Introduction to the people behind how it all started & New Promotional Video!

Tim Smith Visuals – Surf Photography and Prints

Driven by the scenery and light around him along with a love for the ocean, Tim strives to be different . By using a range of techniques his goal is to capture and deliver unique images to his clients at an affordable price…..


SUP THE LOUGH FESTVAL – Lough Neagh Was Made For Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Lough Neagh is the largest inland water mass in the United Kingdom and Ireland it is the perfect environment for stand up paddle boarding. Lough Neagh is steeped in a history that is interwoven with many myths and legends surrounding its origin.


The OXBOW Production Crew captured Kai’s amazing day in detail. The 46 second teaser shows a glimpse of Kai’s performance with a Paparrazi style twist. In the spirit of “catch me if you can,” Kai moves with lightning speed through his day. Being no match for the cameras, Kai’s ocean performance speaks for itself

SUP Regulations in Ireland ? Yeah Right!

Should Stand Up Paddle Surfing be regulated at Irish beaches? Haahha


Tahiti’s Finest, The Man Raimana Van Bastolaer & his world of Surf & SUP !

Raimana Van Bastolaer, Tahiti’s most famous surfer, is one of the world’s most extreme and respected surf legends, and a virtual king in his native Tahiti. He is notorious for his commanding presence at Teahupoo, the world’s thickest wave.

The Tahitian dream – Raimana is known and respected worldwide for his Polynesian Aloha spirit and for his death defying feats at his terrifying homebreak: Teahupo’o.