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Introduction to the people behind how it all started & New Promotional Video!

Ocean Warriors

Ocean Warriors works to raise awareness of the environmental issues affecting coastal communities and to create positive change through a collective voice in Ireland.

Mullaghmore Madness

Mullaghmore Head big session on 12th December 2011

Mullaghmore! The Editors View by Peter Clyne

Mullaghmore Session – 11th & 12th December 2011 By Peter Clyne

It was Sunday afternoon when Saffa Barry Mottershead came bursting into my room to pick me up. I had a late night the night before but sensing the eagerness in Barry I asked…

Grandpa of Irish Surfing – Kevin Cavey

In 1962 Kevin Cavey discovered surfing when he read about it in a Readers Digest. He ordered a balsa surfboard kit after a couple of attempts with marine ply. Following trips to Hawaii and California…


CMP come about from a passion for surfing and surfing photography. As this slowly progressed i found myself reaching for the camera more often trying to capture random moments and making them special.

Andrew Mennie – Back From Oz!

I have been cruising with my girlfriend Melanie in Northern NSW on Australia’s east coast for the last year or so, just recovering from a pretty serious back injury


On the day this photo was taken I had spent the morning with my little 2-year-old daughter. One of my newborn twin boys was in hospital 60 miles away and the other was in hospital 180 miles away in a very serious condition….

Mara Irish Surf Co.

Our mission is to provide quality water sports
equipment to the Irish surfing community, and to
represent the fascinating nature of the Irish surfing

Mullaghmore Morning Session 08/03/2012

Tow Surfing from Mullaghmore 08/03/2012 by Bexter Productions


When i saw there was an event in China i was so tempted to enter ever though i had no money and it was only a four star. It was the closing day for the event and I was out in the water doing surf lessons just wondering what the waves were like on Hainan Island…..


The Huku Balance Boards are 100% Irish and are hand made from Baltic birch plywood, where several layers are glued in a former to create a strong platform. The deck measures 770mm long by 340mm wide which gives a stable platform…

Occy and Mickey check out XXL Mullaghmore images and videos

The films Executive Producer, Matt Strathern also submitted a still image for the same XXL category, from the same wave taken from a water angle. Strathern’s shot is co-nominated for O’Flaherty’s wave alongside photographer Christian McCleod’s submission.

Daniel Scannell – Surfer, Singer & Song writer

I feel blessed that in it’s first year this project has gotten to where it is today and with progress being made all the while and the continued support of Irelands surf community I can’t wait to see where we will be in five years time…..

Update on Doolin Pier Development

THREE different options for the controversial development of Doolin Pier, costing an estimated €5 million, were presented to interested parties at a public consultation meeting on Wednesday last.