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Swellseekers.ie – Who are we

Introduction to the people behind Swellseekers.ie how it all started & New Promotional Video!


The bodyboarder’s as usual were charging some of the days biggest sets at the Cliffs while Fergal Smith, Tom Lowe, Lyndon Wake and below Tom Butler all paddling into some nice sized sets…..

Glenn Hall Interview – Nike Lowers Pro

I’m pretty sure no one in world would have picked me to beat Jon Jon in the semi and I don’t blame them. He’s a super freak and trestles is a wave that allows super freaks to do things that no one can fathom

Stephen Kilfeather Strandhill – Webisode 1 by Peter Clyne

My local break is Strandhill which has insane setups and I live 30 minutes for Bundoran and Easky so I can’t complain.


The 23rd of July 2011 was just one reward. Having no internet for the whole summer was strange but uplifting as I had no predictions, no plans, no influences on my days off. So, a sort of adventure was completed each Wednesday with or without surf

Ollie’s XXL and a Goat – By Christian Mcleod Photography

a few weeks later I was even more in shock after my photo of Ollie O Flaherty got him through to the Final. It’s been kind of hard to even look at my photo up there with all the amazing photographers who have entered into it before.

Front Lit Sunrise – Christian Mcleod

I thought I would kick it off with these 3 shots of an amazing guy and an amazing surfer Billabong Team Rider Cain Kilcullen. Somehow he’s known everywhere yet seems to keep under the radar…