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Surf board trolly  ( Quiver Kaddy)
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Billabong Solution SG5 3/2mm Wetsuit CHEST ZIP 2011
€130 o.n.o
Oneill L Psycho RG8 2mm new

Oneill L Psycho RG8 2mm new

Brand new grey white and black Oneill L Psycho RG8 2mm new Wetsuit

Surf Poncho

Surf Poncho

The LirChild Surf Poncho, The perfect Product
for meeting the needs of all water loves and beach goers

we have design the changing poncho to be that bit extra long to keep you warm.
due to its easy on and off design it make getting changed faster and more comfortable.

by opening the poppers on the poncho you are able to use it as a super long beach towel,
260cm in total.

made from 100% cotton

standard Lirchild Poncho size:

length: 130cm
width: 90cm